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Great Gift Idea’s For Him.

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Men & values of old, long since forgotten

Is it just me or has anybody else noticed that the values & standards that our grandparents generation has seemed to of been forgotten? 

This generation of men and women don’t seem to stand for or live by what we were taught. Meaning, when did men start to think that treating women with such disrespect and think that it is acceptable? When did women, for thst matter? I personally think that my grandparents would be appalled by this. 

I am 34 years old & have been in the same shitty relationship for about 5 years now. As much as I love my boyfriend & wish he treated me differently, he doesn’t & never will. I probably sound like a played out record by saying that it wasn’t always this way, but truth is, it is this way now & will never be able to go back to how it was. It’s heartbreaking, I know. I also know that I am not the only woman out there that feels this way exactly & has probably said the same things I just did, most likely verbatim. 

I just know, as a child, I never remember men treating women so badly. If they did, it must have been kept extremely quiet. Personally, my grandparents would be appalled by how I have been treated and they sure wouldn’t except the choices I have made for myself when it comes to this. 

I just wonder when times changed. Everything seems to have changed & drastically. Maybe women all over the world should just start beating the living shit out of all men to remind them of how it was or wasn’t supposed to be like. You know, bring them back into their senses, LOL. That my grandmother would be proud of, LOL!

So, if anyone can enlighten me on this topic or if you care to comment, I would love to hear some feedback on this one…

Have a great day ladies & not so gentlemen!         



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A Day In The Life

Remembering what my life used to be like now doesn’t seem so bad. At least then I could think, at least then I could smile, at least then simple task didn’t seem so difficult, at least then I had joy. The list can go on.

I never thought I would one day wake up and find myself with bites covering my body that I could not explain that later got worse and turned into a daily struggle to live. I never thought my own hair would take on a life of it’s own. I never thought it would be so hard to remember anything. I never thought it would be so hard to get up out of bed. The list can go on. 

As I sit here alone writing this tears stream down my eyes. This is my story. 

Approximately seven months ago both me and my boyfriend started to notice some really strange things. We both broke out in bites all over our bodies that we couldn’t explain. Next came strange fibers and hairs that moved and seemed to be alive. We were taking turns extracting them from each other’s bodies. It was very difficult to believe what we were seeing. We started noticing that our memory was getting worse and worse. I now find it hard to remember what I even did yesterday. At one point, we couldn’t find the energy to even get out of bed. We were sick and had to literally take care of each other. We had to literally keep each other from wanting to commit suicide. 

Any love that we once had for life has disappeared. We couldn’t do anything. It was hard not to end up taking things out on each other due to frustration. The love of my life is now gone. We had to separate due to all the fights that this has brought upon us. I blame this for losing the person I loved most. 

This has been devistating. It takes all I have no to put a bullet in my head. I get tired of being tired. I get tired of being sick. I get tired of not being able to remember anything. I get tired of losing and I get tired of having no joy. I can’t write, I can’t laugh I can’t do anything I used to love to do. This has taken everything from me and there’s nowhere to turn. Everything I have seen or read about this seems to be lies. The fact that it took the love of my life is the last straw. I’m writing this because I’m tired of keeping this ugly secret. This is me wanting my voice to be heard.

This is a day in the life of Morgellons.

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“Dare To Dream”

In a world that I am lost in, dreaming is all I can do to stay hopeful. Hopeful that I will one day find my place here in this life. That my life will not be wasted. Therefore, I dare to dream. 

Yesterday is now gone, tomorrow is a new day full of opertunities and if not then, the next day.  Tomorrow may never come. And so, I dare to dream.

The day you stop dreaming your life passes you by.  Dreaming is your self worth, it’s your motivation, it is your lifespan. Dare to dream?

The things I can not have. The things I can not do. The infinite sadness I feel. The passion I hold dear to my heart. And so, I dare to dream. 

The day you stop dreaming is the day you stop living. Therefore, dare to dream..